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"In or own eyes" is a program that creates and develops a company's core values, bearing directly on the manager's vision, and assimilating these values among its employees to create the company's philosophy.
The program provides company managers and employees with applicative tools for preserving the company's ethos.

Method basics:
Personal awareness - the price we pay - accepting personal responsibility

"In our own eyes" is a unique program which takes the view that an organization is a social model, shaping and molding its employees and influencing its immediate environment, both within and outside the organization.

Faithful to the basic tenet that "man is naturally good", we believe that exposing employees to the deeper meaning of life within a shared community, and preserving the balance between fellow humans and between people and their community, creates a set of values agreed upon by most people within the community.

This value system is not a set of slogans aimed at purging the soul, rather it is an all-encompassing ethos consisting of guiding principles and a set of rules, which penalizes and compensates members, thus forging the company's philosophy.
"To serve as a beacon of light, educating and encouraging growth".

"He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how" .... Nietzsche