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Under the car bonnet

Inside the engine - a concept taken from the program "In our own eyes", in the chapter on leadership and motivating people.
Imagine a tow truck which arrives on the scene of an automobile breakdown. The tow truck cannot start the car without looking Under the car bonnet / Under the hood / Inside the engine
Now compare this with delving into the mind of a leader / manager / army commander to understand how to motivate them.

"     This section about me corresponds with the "Five Questions" interview format.
Name: Muki (Moshe Chaim) Oppenheimer
Born in Petach Tikva.
My parents are child holocaust survivors who came to Israel alone, without their parents, grew up in a youth village and built themselves up from scratch, unassisted.
I attended elementary school in Petach Tikva, junior high school in Givat Shmuel, and the Kfar Ganim Yeshiva High School in Petach Tikva.  I was not a good student, to put it mildly, and only at the age of 34, and quite by chance, did I discover that I am dyslexic and suffer from ADD (attention deficit disorder).
I was a member of the Bnei Akiva youth movement, fought and was injured in the First Lebanon War, and discharged from the IDF due to my injury. I later returned to the army as a volunteer, completing officers' course which was the most meaningful part of my army service and shaped my adult life.
I was privileged to be involved in establishing a young kibbutz in the Galilee - Kibbutz Beit Rimon. There I worked in the metal workshop and acquired the values of the religious kibbutz movement - modesty, a strong work ethic, a love of Israel, the synthesis of Torah study and Judaism as a way of life.         

I initiated, established and directed "Beit Hillel", a school for the development of young leadership.

Employment and business history:
Joint director of "Ya'af" - IDF school for leadership development for 10 years.
Specialized in working with new recruits
Managed a financial enterprise concurrent with the management of a spiritual coaching company.
Ventured into the political arena as CEO of a political movement (a humbling experience...)
Served as coach and consultant to a broad variety of Israeli organizations.
Have always been involved in my community, serving on the local council and as a director of various organizations.
Starting in 2007, for six years I directed an international organization with branches worldwide, operating in different languages, cultures and laws. This was a powerful management experience.
I live in Efrat in the Etzion Block, am married to Orah a graphic artist and teacher of arts.

I have four children:
Mor - a former IDF officer in the Education Corps, currently a student of social work who also works with children at risk and in "One Family".
Elah - an IDF officer in the Education Corps. 
Naftali - recently completed high school and is now at Natur - a co-ed pre-army academy for religious and non-religious youngsters.
Adir - a student in junior high school.
Poncho - the family dog.

Torah study and Jewish philosophy.
Chess - playing with friends all over the world (quick games)
Skiing (a hobby that helped me get back on my feet!!)
Sitting alone in a caf? and people watching (preferably with a cup of espresso, glass of soda, and a piece of chocolate coated poppy-seed cake).
I'm hyperactive, always looking for the next physical or spiritual challenge.



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