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The Five Questions

"The Five Questions" - a tool for getting to know people
Based on: I want to get to know .........

1.    Never second guess
2.    Form close ties with the student / subordinate / employee, but don't become their friend.
3.    Pay attention - take notes - remember!

The five subjects:

1.    Biography
2.    Family
3.    Hobbies (past and present)
4.    Family status
5.    Personal dream (professional and personal)

Question no. 1: Biography
First and surname:
What is the origin of your names? Does the name have any particular meaning?
Your place of birth, and where you lived until age 18
Have you studied? What high school did you attend? What did you major in?
Army service  - recruitment process, commander's course?
If you enlisted in a particular brigade - please explain why?
*Questions for new immigrants:
Your place of birth - town, village (provide a map and ask questions about the area)
How old were you when you made aliyah? Who did you make aliyah with (parents, alone)?
Where did you make aliyah to?
What did your parents do in the FSU? What do they do today? What did they do after their immigration?
For Ethiopians - ask about their aliyah story!

Question no. 2: Family
Introductory question: are you parents alive?
Parents: name, age, occupation
Siblings (names and occupation)
If, unfortunately, your parents are deceased:
Would you be willing to discuss your mother/father?
Age, name, occupation
When did s/he die? How old was the parent when s/he died and how old were you at the time?
What was the cause of death?
What is the status of the surviving parent?
Divorced parents:
I understand that your parents are divorced.
How old were you at the time of the divorce? Who did you live with?
What was your relationship with the other parent? What is your current relationship with both parents?

Question no. 3: Hobbies (past/present)
Questions about your past hobbies - they indicate ingrained qualities (please only mention hobbies you were involved with for several years)
(e.g. - swimming - indicates self-discipline, competitiveness, dealing with failure).
Questions about current hobbies: (a hobby that you dedicate time to at least once every two weeks)
Hobbies show another facet of personality and offer an early diagnosis of the person's energies.

Question no. 4: Family status
Are you single, dating, married, separated, single parent.
Name of spouse, their occupation, how long have you been married, children, children's occupation
For people with domestic problems - a home visit should be made (say you want to visit the interviewee at home)
Tip: Home visits should be made to everyone!

Question no. 5: Dreams, ambitions, personal fantasies
This question also provides an insight into personality - and a final diagnosis of their energies.

Have I forgotten anything?
What are your expectations of me?



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