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Spiritual management

Management and spirituality - aren't they contradictory concepts?

Management is generally associated with the world of professionalism, business, a cold, results-driven world of goals and achievements.

In contrast, spirituality implies activity on a higher plane, in ethereal worlds.
It involves the emotional and internal dimension of our existence.
Most spiritual philosophies consider the spiritual aspects of life to be the most important, and that our material, physical and external life is of secondary importance.

I believe that any organization that wishes to exist and develop over time must set itself quantitative targets, and meet those targets!

My emphasis is on time in particular.

True, it is possible to survive in the short term and register personal success or achieve economic goals.
But any organization that wants to survive and develop in the long term, MUST introduce an innovative and different approach to the organizational culture we are accustomed to.
I wish to reiterate that I'm not referring to a sense of cordiality, calm or - heaven forbid - abandonment of the organization's goals.

Success in the world of action can only be achieved by hard work, work under pressure, with demanding goals in a complex, highly competitive environment. This is true of academic institutions, businesses, defense organizations and non-profit organizations


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