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Leadership, leaders - and everything between them ..
Leadership is an inborn trait!

That's what most people engaged in this discipline believe. But what they really mean is that not everyone has leadership traits!

The fact that not everyone is a leader - in fact, real leaders are few and far between, merely intensifies the feeling that most of us do not have leadership abilities.

However, there is broad agreement among researchers in the field that if you have leadership traits, you can develop and become a better / more successful / more effective leader.

I dispute this approach!
Yes, leadership is an inborn trait!
But it is present in all of us!

And yes, this trait can be developed, and as with any other trait, if we train ourselves seriously and consistently, the results will be evident both in quality and in their impact on the person and his/her environment.           
I'll qualify my comments by saying that leadership manifests itself differently in different domains. Although the first category that comes to mind when discussing leadership is that of public figures or sports personalities, there are also leaders in technology, leaders in the world of culture and academia, religious leaders, singers, industrialists, teachers, etc.
The conductor of an orchestra, commander of a police station, school principal, and even a mother at home are all leaders, each in their own way.

And the fact that they are leaders in their own domains does not mean that they cannot be led by others in other domains


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