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Company profile

Ethika is private company owned by Muki Oppenheimer.

Ethika has acquired educational experience and knowledge over a period of 26 years from working with government, education and business institutions the world over.

The company specializes in organizational coaching with a value-oriented perspective.

This expertise is reflected in an innovative educational technology which shapes the special value-oriented foundations of each and every organization, tailoring them to the organization's needs.

We create a unique, spiritual DNA for your organization.



1968      -     "Beit Hillel Educational Center" – school for the development of young leadership

1989      -     "Ya'af" – IDF's unit for the development of value-oriented thought

1996      -     Ethika – work in the defense establishment

1997      -     Program was adapted to the educational system

2000      -     Started working in the business sector

2007      -     Consulting work and compiling of ethical codes for numerous organizations in Israel

2012      -     Managed an international organization (70 branches worldwide), assimilating Ethika's methodology in all the branches. Involved work on a global basis.