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Areas of expertise

* Personal

I will utilize my expertise to help you will venture into your innermost self – clarifying your own vision and destiny.

I offer coaching and holistic support, writing clear, quantitative goals, and meeting the goals, in the long term.



We will help you compile a school mission statement and write an ethical code for teachers, students and parents.

We specialize in leadership development for teachers and students.

We provide support for student councils.

We address the root cause of problems such as discipline, poor time keeping, violence, etc. and provide applicative tools, coaching and personal support *



We will help you compile a one-of-a-kind ethical code that corresponds with the spirit of the IDF / Israel Police / Prison Services / Prime Minister's office.

We develop organization-wide leadership (officers, NCO's, rank and file soldiers, policemen, etc.).

Our projects are tailored to the problems that typify units with different professional characteristics (intelligence, special units, nature of employment, etc.).


Coaching and personal support *


We will help you prepare an organizational ethical code by clarifying the organization's goals, vision and business objectives.

We develop organization-wide leadership and job descriptions (management, marketing, sales, service, finance, etc.).


Coaching and personal support*

Our long-standing experience has helped us develop applicative tools for our customers, enabling them not only to learn our work methods but to use these tools in the long-term, in professional areas as well as in personal and family projects.


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