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?Are we leaders

Am I a leader?

Whether you head a large or small organization,
Or you feel like a cog in the wheel of the organization around you,
You have probably asked yourselves: Am I a leader? Will people follow me? Am I here because of my skills or because of my connections?
Perhaps I'm just lucky? What will tomorrow bring? Is this not too big for me?

I believe that there are two key questions we must ask when examining leadership issues:

1) Do I really want to be a leader?
2) What price am I willing to pay to realize the desire to lead others?    

Take the fairytale about the prince who was given the kingdom, or the businessman's daughter who inherited the family corporation; they may be interesting and even if they demonstrate success and have a happy ending, they remain a drop in the ocean of the real world.

Ethika is here to discuss you!

Do you feel unique? Do you believe that you have the ability to contribute to your community? To your workplace? To the world? To contribute something new / different?

Are you really interested in changing your environment? Do things that take place around you sometimes anger you?
Do you feel the need to do something different? Do you think that if you were given the chance, things would be different?
I'm sure you get my drift ....

Often we search within ourselves for points that give us an urge to take action, even if only in thought.
If everything around you is apathetic, miserable, and you simply accept things as they are, in all spheres!
politics, in the community, in business, in the family, sport, culture, etc. then the alarm bells should be ringing!

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